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Comrex- STAC- Superior audio quality for telephone calls

Il sistema STAC ( Studio Telephone Access Center) offre, con grande facilità di utilizzo, il controllo audio di tutte le call-in del tuo talk show grazie ala sua configurazione scalabile. Incorporando la tecnologia del Comrex, consente di effettuare un controllo del livello audio in tempo reale . Lo screening e il controllo delle call sono disponibili da qualsiasi computer collegato in rete, utilizzando un browser web standard, con la STAC inclusa IP.



Key STAC Features

  • Dual, high performance digital hybrids for reliable, natural sounding caller audio, even when conferencing.
  • Configurations for six and 12 phone lines. Easy to expand in field.
  • Flipping a switch on the back of a control surface is all that is required to select Studio/Producer or Screener Mode.
  • A standard web browser can be used on any locally networked or Internet connected computer for call screening and control.
  • Auto Attendant for automatically answering incoming calls with your custom outgoing message. Call is answered after two or six rings, the message is played and, at the end of the message, the line is put on hold. If no message is recorded, lines will automatically be answered and put on hold. Function selected from control surface.
  • Two phone lines can be assigned to VIP mode, removing them from the priority rotation and Auto Attendant. These can be reserved for placing outgoing calls and incoming hot lines.
  • Selectable auto-disconnect of calls terminated by caller.
  • Selectable automatic gain control for consistent levels on-air and send audio down the line to your callers. A separately controllable caller level boost may also be used.
  • Talent maintains control using selectable caller ducking that lowers caller audio level when talent speaks.

STAC Mainframe Features

  • No configuration required after initial installation. Set-up controls are behind an easy-access panel and include pots for level adjustments and DIP switches for configuring Auto Attendant, auto-disconnect, automatic audio gain control, VIP and other settings.
  • Front panel features three bicolor LEDs indicating level status of audio input and hybrid levels.
  • Telephone line connections provide loop-thru to other systems or telephone sets sensing loop-thru provided for PBX interconnection.
  • Callers are conferenced within the STAC mainframe requiring only one mix-minus audio input to feed both hybrids.
  • A separate audio input is used for program-on-hold.
  • Each hybrid has an individual audio output to send to your audio mixing console or router.
  • A third audio output sums the two callers with the host audio - great for connection to a recording device.





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