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Comrex- STAC Vip : Il centralino per le radio che vogliono parlare al mondo !!

Il sistema STAC VIP (Voice over IP) , incorporando la tecnologia del Comrex, consente di effettuare un controllo del livello audio delle call-in in tempo reale . Il sistema infatti integra perfettamente la tecnologia delle lnee POTS con quella VoIP per offrire un nuovo modo di gestire le chiamate telefoniche per talk show, interviste e concorsi. Con STAC VIP puoi sia ricevere chiamate POTS tradizionali,sia gestire le chiamate di tipo "HD Voice"; è capace dunque di operare sia su chiamate da telefoni tradizionali che su smartphone così come per le chiamate effettuate da utenti Skype ™. Completo di STAC IP Call Screening e di Control Interface, lo STAC VIP Caller Management system può essere integrato con il VoIP PBX system.


STAC VIP Control Surface

STAC VIP utilizes the familiar STAC Control Surface which provides clear indication of phone line and caller status. Super bright colored LEDs and an ergonomically friendly button layout give a concise overview and control of all callers at a glance.


At the core of STAC VIP is a sophisticated engine that can process various types of incoming calls. For years, VoIP telephony has provided consumers with low cost, high quality communications and now STAC VIP can deliver those same benefits to broadcasters. STAC VIP can process up to 6* incoming VoIP calls on a single DSL line utilizing telephone grade G.729 audio compression. By employing a single DSL versus multiple POTS or ISDN phone lines, huge cost savings are easily realized.


While many STAC VIP users might consider going entirely VoIP, some customers still rely on traditional POTS and ISDN phone lines. STAC VIP can easily accommodate these by use of VoIP Gateway devices which are commercially available from several manufacturers. This allows for existing POTS/PSTN, ISDN and T1/E1 telephone lines to be converted to a SIP compatible VoIP trunk for connection to the STAC VIP Mainframe.


Numerous broadcast facilities depend on IP-based PBX systems to deliver telephone calls throughout their offices. STAC VIP simplifies the process by allowing for easy extension sharing and integration with SIP-based PBX systems.

Wideband "HD Voice"

STAC VIP provides the ability to accept incoming wideband voice calls from these new VoIP telephones as well as wideband voice capable Smartphones and soft codecs. Now your callers can sound like in-studio guests!


VoIP calls utilize a protocol known as SIP to establish a connection between two callers


 STAC VIP now offers the ability to answer, screen incoming Skype voice calls and put them on the air right along with other types of incoming calls.

Call screening and control

 By connecting a video monitor, keyboard and mouse or by using a simple web browser, the password protected graphical user inter- face provides basic call screening functionality such as caller name, location and notes. 


The STAC VIP Mainframe is the central point where all outside calls meet with the STAC VIP’s control, management and audio interface functions. Audio connections include AES audio in and out along with Line 1 and Line 2 in and out on XLR. Two independent Hold Audio inputs are provided, allowing STAC VIP to be shared between studios. Two Ethernet ports provide for WAN connections to all telephone line sources and LAN connections for local STAC VIP Control Surfaces and local interface control. Up to four Control Surfaces can be supported per mainframe.




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