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Our mastering station enables you to perform all the steps in a DI workflow on one system - steps that would otherwise need to be distributed over several products. This is why  CLIPSTER® is often called "the heart of your DI". This workstation provides online editing of film data, conversion to various output formats, color correction and even film restoration. CLIPSTER® can handle any level of resolution - SD, HD, 2K and 4K. Even demanding visual effects may be used without causing delays in your workflow, since the majority of the DI workstation's features are processed in real time.


DCI Mastering

  • Meet the latest high frame rate demands with brilliant image quality, based on high bitrate encoding up to 500 Mbit/s and fine tuneable JPEG2000 settings
  • Encode highest quality JPEG2000 X’Y’Z’ files in high speed with our unique hardware-acceleration to handle all framerate and resolution demands
  • Conveniently perform all steps in the DCI Mastering process with CLIPSTER’s DCI Mastering Wizard – both in 2D and 3D
  • Comfortably apply multiple DCI subtitles in XML and PNG style, position them in 2D and 3D and even edit typing errors with instant visual feedback
  • Check the final DCP using CLIPSTER’s D-Cinema emulation in its full 12 bit quality, including subtitling
  • DCI Mastering also includes support for supplemental DCPs – quickly generate various DCP versions in different languages
  • Validate any DCP automatically with the included DCI validation tool for full standard compliance and receive trustworthy DCPs on delivery
  • Work in all phases: interop, transition and full SMPTE
  • Use the latest DCI additions like audio labelling, D-Box support and benefit from guided package naming corresponding with the DCI’s naming convention
  • Rely on sophisticated hardware-based KDM generation and encryption, also supporting combined server and projector certificates (optional in software)
  • Benefit from the most complete and polished DCI Mastering feature set on the market to meet even the tightest production schedules

IMF & AS-02 Workflow

  • Faster than real-time encoding of JPEG2000 RGB/YUV file sequences up to 500 Mbit/sec and beyond (for high frame rates and 4K applications)
  • Intuitive wizard guides you step by step, simplify the creation of mezzanine formats like IMF or AS-02 
  • Subtitling emulation supports subtitle displays in the CLIPSTER® software
  • Extensive metadata support
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface enables automatic CLIPSTER® control via third-party tools

RAW Workflow

  • Demosaic and decode RAW files in real time to enable fast DI workflows (RED®, ARRI, Sony, Phantom, Silicon Imaging, and a host of other digital cameras)
  • Control the image processing requirements for developing RAW data
  • Quickly create high-quality RAW dailies with comprehensive burn-ins from RAW files
  • Sophisticated conforming of RAW files
  • FCP XML and Avid ALE support

3D Workflow

  • Utilize the manually controlled stereoscopic correction tools and benefit from the highly sophisticated automatic correction with the integrated stereoscopic analyzer STAN

  • Check the proper 3D image depth with CLIPSTER’s complete set of display modes and analyzers

  • All major stereoscopic dual-stream methods are supported (e. g. interleaved, side-by-side, polarization, anaglyph red/green, anaglyph red/cyan, Infitec®, etc.)

  • Easily conform and merge left and right eye streams like uncompressed file sequences and container formats into the timeline and edit them as regular video tracks

  • Playback and master high frame rates in 3D including depth-animated subtitles

Areas of application: post production, broadcast, digital film 

CLIPSTER® is certified by ARRI for ARRIRAW processing ALEXA.

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