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Sith an innovative and powerful design that combines maximum storage density with system redundancy for absolute reliability, SpycerBox Cell is a stand-out storage solution for demanding media applications. The 1U system is equipped with 30 hot-swappable drives arranged on a tray-based carrier system, allowing for removal and replacement during operation.

These capabilities set SpycerBox Cell apart from other storage systems: never before have 30 drives been placed in a one-height unit system while also enabling hot-swapping of drives.

Designed with post production houses, digital cinema houses and broadcast studios in mind, SpycerBox Cell supports all uncompressed and compressed formats in SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 8K – or more. Each chassis has a superior performance of 3 GB/s and a unique SAS interconnection to enable clustering and cascade ability.


  • Central production high performance storage
  • Supports uncompressed and compressed formats up to 8K
  • Modular storage concept addresses evolving storage demands
  • Powerful combination of storage density and scalability
  • Redundant concept with hot swappable components
  • Low entry level price
  • Extensive monitoring of whole infrastructure
  • Low carbon footprint

Areas of application: post production, broadcast, digital film 

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