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VZ 650PM 3G9- Multiview 65" 9 canali 3G-SDI

Display specification

Screen Size 65 inch (IPS)
Max Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness 420cd/m²
Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Viewing Angle (H/V) 178°/178°
Color Depth 8 Bit

Caratteristiche principali

9 Pictures from 9xSDI & HDMI
HDMI-SDI & SDI-HDMI converter
HDMI to SDI Convert & Display Out
IPS LED Backlight Displaywith 12bit Processing
2K Input Capability
Wide Color Gamut
Precise White Balance & Gamma
Real-time Waveform & Vectorscope Display
Zoom Mode
Jog Dial for Easy Menu Selection
UMD Support
Programmable Function Key
H/V Delay
Freeze Display
Aspect Setting
De-Imbedded Audio Level Meter (16ch)
Pixel to Pixel View
Red/Green Mode Tally
Time Code
Various Markers
On-Screen Menu
Screen Color Mode: Blue, Red, Green & Mono
Maximum Brightness (On/Off)
Key Lock
Built-in Speaker
RJ-45 Remote Control
Front and Rear Phone Jack
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