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spectraval 1511 is a modern spectroradiometer for the VIS wavelength range, which can be used stand alone or with PC/ laptop. It is constructed in the same way as spectraval 1501, but includes a display. All other functions are similar (download datasheet).

spectraval 1511 can be used for spectroradiometric measurements in the field without additional computer or via Bluetooth/ USB connection with different PC programs like the included universal radiometric software JETI LiVal or other programs as CalMAN (spectracal), CLightSpace (LightIllusion).

A diffusor for the Irradiance measurement can be ordered optional (ACC 032).




  • Internal target spot laser
  • Piezo-electric shutter for dark signal compensation
  • Automatic measurement in selectable time intervals
  • USB powered or battery powered
  • Data storage on SD card

Measuring values:

  • Luminance, Radiance
  • xy and u' v' coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index
  • Circadian metrics, PAR
Examples for applications are the following: 
  • Calibration of studio monitors  info
  • Measurement of fluorescence and UV lamps
  • Measurement of extended luminaries like OLEDs
Additional features: 
  • Pass / fail decisions
  • Ranking function (up to 16 ranks)
  • Spectral operations
  • Data export in csv and xls files 
It is possible to implement the instrument directly into customer specific applications via USB or Bluetooth by the following ways: 
  • Radiometric DLLs (Windows applications)
  • Serial commands (SCPI compatible syntax) (Windows and Linux applications)




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