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Thinklogical TLX Matrix:

Thinklogical’s TLX Matrix Switches are high performance, modular, non-blocking switches for complete, end-to-end switching of video, audio and peripheral signals over multi-mode or single mode fiber optic cable or CATx cable. TLX switches are protocol agnostic, supporting numerous video, audio and peripheral signals, allowing users to consolidate all of their system switching requirements in a single chassis. TLX Matrix Switches are ideal for small to large system applications, with switch sizes ranging from 16 ports to 640 ports. Each port supports 10Gbps bandwidth, preserving signal integrity to provide uncompressed, high resolution video with no artifacts, latency or lost frames. Thinklogical’s re-clocking technology ensures that every video and data stream is delivered in perfect synchronization.

Secure Technology Room:

In the future-proof (and piracy-proof) post-production infrastructure, best practices suggest that content servers should always be in secure locations, where only administrators have access to them.

Content should be switched to the editors from this secure location. A high bandwidth fiberoptic
infrastructure allows the operator to work on the content as if he is in the same room with
the servers, without requiring the physical transfer of files from one location to another.





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